Mark Turgeon - New York Fine Artist

Mark Turgeon:
"Che Bella"

Artists Statements: 

1. "Che Bella" is to side, sometimes ever so slightly, with optimism regardless of the obstacles. 

2. I've never had a plan B. In 1988 I came to New York City to do my work as an artist, and the attitude has always been "cook or get out of the kitchen." I love being in the kitchen. 

About Mark:

Mark Turgeon, who holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design from 1987, has spent most of the past twenty-plus years as an artist, rooted in New York City. He has had solo exhibitions at the Knitting Factory, The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, the Dillon Gallery - all in New York. He has participated in many group exhibits through the country. Turgeon has organized and performed in a number of spoken word evenings. He has created sets and props, posters and graphics for theater companies, film projects, restaurants, retail and private residences. 

"Turgeon's paintings are a compendium of images of things that are common or precious, natural or man-made, tragic or full of joy, but are always precious to him."

- From the catalog of Mark Turgeon's 2007 exhibit at the Cue Art Foundation in New York City, written by Richard Milazzo,  curated by Nicole Eisenman.              Photos courtesy Sandra Blume